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At Palmer Litigation St George Utah, we pride ourselves on our expert service, and passion for our client’s cause. Our expert team stands out from the crowd as we always put our client’s needs first and provide superior legal services. Licensed to practice in Nevada and Utah, our track record speaks for itself with our clients valuing our work ethic, communication skills, and legal expertise.

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Our team has a 100% success rate in all litigated and business law and contracts with our legal assistance.

We have contributed to the development of lien priority in interpleader situations in Nevada; opening the doorway to the definition of new lending laws in Nevada.

We have won $300k-$1.6M+ Trial Verdicts in 8th Judicial District of Nevada.

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Divorce Attorney St George
Divorce Attorney

Utah’s expert divorce attorney ensures that your rights and opinions are fairly represented throughout the proceedings.

St George Adoption Attorney
Adoption Attorney

For those looking to complete their family and improve the life of a young person, adopting a child is both a kind and caring act. 

Custody Attorney St George
Custody Modification

Our legal team is dedicated to walking you through the stages of modifying your existing child custody orders.

Guardianship Attorney
Guardianship Attorney

Our sensitive and knowledgeable staff can walk you through the process and inform you of what you are entitled to according to Utah law.

Domestic Violence Attorney
Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to alleged offenses committed by the victim’s current or former spouse, a person with a child with the victim, or a person living with the victim.

DUI Defense Attorney
DUI Defense Attorney

When a person is arrested for drunk driving in Utah, two different cases are opened – a criminal case dealt with in the legal system and a DMV case.

Protective Order St George
Protective Orders

A protective order can be put in place due to domestic violence, and this is granted through a Family Court – for this, domestic violence must be proven.

Petty Theft
Petty Theft
In some states petty theft is classed as a misdemeanor and can also be added to your record, making it more difficult to get a job or be given a position of trust in the future.
Criminal Law St George
Stalking Defense

Sentences for stalking include fines, protective orders, and even years worth of jail time. However, the stalking allegations brought to the judge do not also give your complete story.

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