Hiring A DUI Attorney

Hiring A DUI Attorney

It’s no secret that drinking and driving are hazardous and against the law. You will be charged with DUI, can lead to numerous penalties. First-time offenders are typically faced with a hefty fine, jail time, and potential suspension of their driver’s license. A first offense is a Class B misdemeanor, and legal penalties vary from state to state. The 2nd and 3rd offenses are felonies. An offender is liable to serve time in prison, pay stiffer fines, and could permanently lose their driver’s license. Hiring a DUI attorney can help reduce your fines and even get the charges and penalties dropped.

If charged with DUI/DWI, seek professional help from an experienced and reliable attorney. Do not attempt to represent yourself. These are serious charges that come with serious consequences. A DUI/DWI attorney can help you in receiving shorter jail sentences and lower fines. When you need a DUI/DWI lawyer, don’t go for the cheapest one you find. Remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for.”

Take Note: DWI means driving while intoxicated or driving while impaired. DUI means driving under the influence. Some states use the terms interchangeably.

Finding a DUI Attorney in Southern Utah

Do you know somebody that was pleased with their DUI/DWI attorney? Referrals are great, but you need a face-to-face consultation before you hire a DUI lawyer. After meeting the attorney, you will get a good idea of what it’s like to work with them. If you don’t feel you are compatible, go on to the next attorney.  At Palmer Litigation, we offer free consultations to anyone seeking legal representation. Click here to schedule yours today!

Red Flags When Hiring A DUI Attorney

You could get a good first impression of the lawyer you meet with at a larger firm, then end up getting passed along to another attorney. Larger firms may pass your case along to another, less-experienced attorney. Ask the person you’re speaking with if they will handle your case or assign it to another attorney. Make sure to meet with that attorney. You may not feel the same type of connection with a different lawyer. Another red flag is a lawyer who makes a lot of promises. They are likely untrustworthy and “in it” for the money. However, if he explains potential penalties of your type of case in layman’s language (not legal ease) he likely knows his stuff.

Does the firm focus on DUI cases?

Find out if the lawyer you’re speaking with has earned certifications or specific training in DUI/DWI law.  For instance, an attorney who is board certified in the DUI/DWI realm by the National College for DUI Defense, they have gone through rigorous training for their specialty. After the potential attorney reads the documents about your DUI/DWI charges and any unfavorable evidence, ask for their assessment of your case.

Can a DUI lawyer decrease the negative influences on your case?

Firstly discuss the steps the attorney would take to minimize the overall impact of a DWI on your life. For example, get fired, go to jail, and/or lose your driver’s license. Consequently, you may get a mandatory breathalyzer hooked up in your automobile. Find out if your potential lawyer could possibly get you a reduced sentence or even get the charges dropped.

What are DUI Attorney Fees?

Keep in mind, you’re not looking for the cheapest lawyer in town. You’re looking for a quality attorney for a fair price. Typically, lawyers charge hourly rates. Ultimately you will be billed for the time they work on your case. In addition, find out their hourly rate and ask for a ballpark estimate of the time you will be charged. Some firms charge flat fees. Accordingly, your one-time payment would cover their work on your case.

How to Engage DUI/DWI Attorneys

If you are charged with DUI/DWI, schedule a free consultation with us to what you can learn about your case. Undoubtedly, this consultation may help to answer some of your questions.

Lastly, ensure you and your potential lawyer are compatible and that their fee is fair and reasonable. You will need to go down the path of hiring a dui attorney as this is not a DIY project.