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Going through a divorce can be an extremely stressful time in a person’s life, and while some divorces are amicable and uncontested, some may be more complex and require a divorce attorney to help you throughout the process. Divorce attorneys can walk you step by step through the legal process and can complete it in as little time as possible.

Negotiation Process

Many divorces require a complex negotiation process and the division of valuable assets such as property or money. If children are involved, a divorce attorney can also help you work through custody issues. At Palmer Litigation, we understand that you want to finalize your divorce as quickly as possible while still reaching a fair settlement, and we work hard to review any contested divorces and evaluating the likely outcome of your case.

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Our supportive staff are available to answer any questions that you may have about the process and can inform you of what to expect. They can walk you through child support negotiations or organize a legal separation if a divorce is not the solution. Our legal professionals will work hard to get you the best divorce settlement possible, closing the deal and allowing you to move on with your life.

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Palmer Litigation, Utah’s expert divorce attorney, ensures that your rights and opinions are fairly represented throughout the proceedings.

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Divorce Attorney Frequently Asked Questions

Costs and fees for a divorce can vary greatly, but they can include:

  • Fee to file the petition
  • Online Court Assistance Program (OCAP) fees
  • Fee for the Office of Vital Records and Statistics
  • Fees to serve the petition and summons
  • Attorney fees
  • Copying costs
  • Fees for the Divorce Education class and the Divorce Orientation class if there are minor children.

If you cannot afford the fees, you can ask the judge to waive them. To have fees waived, you must prove to the court that you are unable to pay them. You must file a detailed description of your income, property, and debts.

There are many resources both locally and online to help support families going through a divorce.  To learn more about the free divorce education program for children offered by the state of Utah click here.

The parties may request a custody evaluation prepared by a professional evaluator. The judge can order a custody evaluation even without a motion from a party. A custody evaluation may be expensive and the cost is often split between the parties. A custody evaluation provides the court with information it can use to make decisions about custody and parent-time. Unless otherwise specified in the order appointing the custody evaluator, the evaluator will consider and respond to the custody factors in Utah Code 30-3-10 and 30-3-10.2.

Parties are required to participate in at least one session of mediation and attempt to resolve the issues in dispute. Parties must participate in mediation before the case can move forward in the court system, unless they are excused from the mediation requirement for good cause. This requirement does not preclude the entry of pretrial (temporary) orders. Mediation is appropriate in family related matters because it encourages collaborative problem solving by the parties. Mediation provides the greatest opportunity for direct communication and the sharing of information that can be critical to the successful resolution of disputes and when children are involved, the implementation of parenting agreements.