Visitation Modification

In a child custody case, the Family Court issues a document that decides which parent or guardian has custody over the child or children. This could be joint custody, where it is shared between two parties, or primary custody, where the children stay with one parent full-time. Most primary custody examples also have visitation rights for the other parent, so long as it is in the child’s interest to spend time with them. Important decisions like this may need to change down the line as family circumstances change, and this is where visitation modification comes in.

Visitation Modification

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An individual parent can apply for a custody modification if they are unhappy with the current arrangement by applying for a motion to the court. Within this motion, the parent has to justify why they would like the visitation rights changed – explaining why it is in the child’s best interest. The judge then reviews the application, taking into consideration the views of the child, their relationship with both parents, and the child’s wellbeing.

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