Attorney assistance with adoption in Utah

Attorney assistance with adoption in Utah

Considering Attorney assistance with adoption in Utah?  Here are some tips on how attorney assistance can aid the process of getting on the adoption register.

Utah adoption law 

There is some Utah law that you will need to know.  Most importantly, if you do not have a certificate of marriage that is legal under Utah law, you will not be able to adopt a child in Utah. Secondly, Utah law states that a person must be at least ten years older than the child they are adopting. Technically, in the case of married couples, at least one of the two must be ten years or older than the child being adopted.  

Other requirements for adoption in Utah 

Prospective parents are required to complete both a home study before the adoption process can begin, and a post-placement assessment before an adoption is finalized. Both of these checks are to assess the ability of prospective adoptive parents to raise a child in a safe and stable setting.  

The home study happens early on in the process of potentially adopting a child. This is to check that your home is suitable to give a child safety, stability, and support, but it is also a really good opportunity for the potential adoptive parents to ask questions about adoption and the process, too. During the home study, the prospective parents will undergo fingerprinted criminal background checks, health checks and verification of financial stability. There will also be assessments of home safety, parenting skills, and the behavior of the prospective adoptive family already living in the home.

Once the adoption process has started

After a child has been placed in a family’s home, and before finalization, the adoptive parents also go through an assessment. The assessment confirms circumstances of the adoptive family have not changed.  These assessments are primarily to determine whether the adoption will be in the child’s best interest. In Utah, this assessment includes a verification that the information provided is true and accurate.  It also evaluates how the child might adjust to their new home and a recommendation whether or not the adoption is in the best interest of the child.  

Within 30 days of the child being placed into a family, the adoption agency will develop a plan to help the child adjust and settle.  The plan will include numerous visits over the course of the first six months. An attorney can help throughout the process, giving advice and talking through what will happen at each stage.

Financial costs to adoption in Utah 

You may be wondering how much it costs to adopt a child. It can be expensive, but the amount it costs varies a lot depending on the type of adoption you choose. Are you hoping to adopt a child internationally or within the USA?  Do you plan to go through a private adoption agency or will you consider going through the foster care system?  Decisions about these and other variables can have significant cost implications.  Adoptive parents will likely also be asked to cover a number of expenses related to the adoption.  Major costs include legal expenses, agency fees, maternity costs, medical and hospital bills, counseling services, living expenses, and travel. An attorney can help to make sure that any adoption-associated costs are fair and reasonable.  

Helping you to make the best adoption decision

An attorney can walk you through the best options for your situation and help you to understand the whole process. Adoption attorneys ensure protection against unexpected expenses and logistical complications, as well as personal concerns. Click here to learn more about the adoption legal services we provide.