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William Palmer is an experienced DUI defense attorney. DUI cases occur when an individual is charged with being over the alcohol limit while also being behind the wheel. However, these allegations are not always accurate. Hiring an attorney that is experienced in DUI cases can lead to the charges being dismissed or reduced, leading to a better outcome for the defendant.

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When a person is arrested for drunk driving, two different cases are opened – a criminal case dealt with in the legal system and a DMV case. In order for individuals to continue to be allowed to drive, it is important that they win both cases, and our team can help with this.

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One of the main differences between these two types of cases is that the criminal case requires more evidence in order to be found guilty, a DMV requires less. Our team has the experience to help you find the best possible solution with both.

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DUI Frequently Asked Questions

A conviction for a violation of the “Alcohol Restricted” license law will result in a one (1) year revocation of your driving privilege. Click here to learn more about alcohol restrictions on your license.

One of the most common misdemeanors to show up on background checks is a DUI. However, a misdemeanor DUI and employment can be compatible. It’s important for candidates to be honest because while a DUI won’t automatically disqualify you, lying about a conviction can.

First Offense – Minimum $1,310

Second Offense – Minimum $1,560

Third Offense – Minimum $2,850

Having an attorney represent your DUI case they may be able to reduce charges or preserve your driving privileges. A large part of what an attorney can do for you is to make sure you are prepared for court by preparing you for the expectations of your case. Additionally, an attorney can help you complete some requirements prior to your court appearance such as proper forms with the department of motor vehicles.  Or suggest an education or treatment program that is required by the state of Utah.

A DUI attorney can help guide you through the process and expedite necessary items prior to your case.